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The history of an Akita began many years ago, in Japan. Basing the archaeological research conducted in Japan which led to the finding of skeleton bones of the shpits-like dogs, we can safely say that the Akita is one of the most ancient breeds. It has appeared in Japan more than two thousand years B.C. The name Akita inu came from the mountain village the Akita located on the northern part of Honshu island. In this hilly area with a quite severe climate, several centuries ago people started to grow up these strong and big dogs. In the beginning these dogs had a different name, they were called odet. Odet is a city located in Akita Prefecture. But gradually the name Akita inu which means – a dog from the Akita began to sound.

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Courage, fearlessness, agility and the impressive size were those traits of character which made these dogs brave hunters. The Akita was used in hunting both a boar, and an elk and even a 400 kilograms heavy bear. Courage was the main reason why these dogs were used by Samurais as assistants. The Akita as a pet was held by both Japanese emperors, and the aristocracy in Japan, the Akita is considered a symbol of success and prosperity. Akita figurines – are still traditional gift which Japanese give to the newborn's parents, sick people and newlyweds. Japanese believe that the Akita brings prosperity, consent, good luck and love into a family. The Akita is a natural, beautiful, strong, muscular dog, with a round muzzle and narrow dark eyes.  Barks a little, gives a vote only for the important reason. Another distinctive feature of the Akita is the triangular ears, which are sticking out not up, but forward. Quite big, fluffy tail is bent forward making a ring over the back. A faithful dog, the good partner and the companion for a walk. The Akita breed started to be widely published in 1932 when It was written in a newspaper article about very faithful Akita named Hachiko. This dog was born in Odat in 1923 and belonged to professor of the University  of Tokyo - Eysaburo Ueno. He had brought Hachiko to Tokyo when it was just a puppy, the dog came to the railway station every day to meet the owner. Once, in 1925 Ueno had a fatal stroke at work. Hachiko continued to go every day at the same time to the station and to wait for the owner. A new home was found to a dog but it escaped from there and waited at the station again. Hachiko kept doing that for the next ten years, longing for the dead owner and having become the hero of the nation. At the station in 1934, Hachiko's monument was dug out, but in a year the dog died … In 2009 basing on this event, the movie ”Hachiko: the story of a dog" was shot with Richard Gere starring.
You can see the Akita standard here -

Information from T. Pikerela's book "Spirit of a dog. The illustrated history".